About us

For over five decades, here at Krol Corlett, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering exceptional work across our various sectors, including; Education, Health, Heritage Commercial and New Build/Residential.

Our commitment is unwavering, as we continually strive to exceed the high standards that set us apart from the competition. For more than 50 years we’ve consistently delivered outstanding work to impeccable standards.

And along our journey we’ve earned numerous accolades, including North West Contractor of the Year 2020, the Carbon Reduction Award 2021, Contractor of the Year 2023 at City of Manchester Awards and the most prestigious honour of the Our People Development Award 2020. 

As well as being dedicated to delivering high standards, we’re guided by a passion for people and a desire to have positive impact on every community we work with.

Our Values

  • Being recognised for delivering exceptional work.

    Our commitment to delivering on time, on budget and providing a service that goes above and beyond for our clients.

  • Celebrating our team of incredible people

    Our teams comprise of passionate, ambitious individuals who share our vision to grow Krol Corlett Group strategically & sustainably.

  • Committed to supporting causes that matter

    Social value is at the heart of everything we do. We have the resources, the time and the capability to do more for our communities, so we do.

Our History

Krol Corlett began its journey in June 1969 as Krol Corlett & Company, a small, family-run construction business with a focus on completing small, traditional construction projects for a range of clients.

We were a tight-knit, family-run team, pouring heart and soul into every small, traditional project that came our way.

Meet Eddie Krol and Roy Corlett (Pictured left), the dynamic duo who led us through the early years of growth and discovery. Thanks to their leadership we have been able to fine-tune our strengths and evolve our business model with the times.

A steadfast commitment to excellence has become the cornerstone of our identity. This hasn’t just earned us stripes; it’s made us the go-to construction place for countless clients in the North West and beyond.

Our history is a tale of persistence, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of being the best. It’s one that’s been stitched into the vibrant tapestry, where each project is a brushstroke of the friendly, family spirit that is Krol Corlett.

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