In the heart of Liverpool, a vacant and dilapidated superstore stood as a symbol of lost opportunities. However, this narrative took a remarkable turn when TJ Morris, trading as Home Bargains, competitively tendered a scheme  to breathe new life into this once-decaying establishment. This case study unveils how Home Bargains, in collaboration with us, revitalised the local community and made a significant impact on the wider region.

The super store on County Road had become an eyesore, contributing to the decay of the local community. TJ Morris recognised the potential to not only revamp this space but also to provide essential services to the neighbourhood. The project involved an ambitious 8,000 sq ft extension, expanding the store’s footprint to an impressive 23,000 sq ft. Liverpool City Council, in the planning application, concurred that the vacant unit was in dire need of comprehensive refurbishment.

The partnership was strengthened further by the involvement of Wpl Consulting  and Sutcliffe, along with our dedicated supply chain. This collaborative effort would prove crucial in transforming the vacant space into a modern retail haven.

Our scope of work was extensive and diverse:

  • Full strip-out of the existing structure.
  • Demolition of walls and roof.
  • Decommissioning of the substation.
  • Drainage and ducting installations.
  • Attenuation works for improved water management.
  • Steelwork for structural enhancements.
  • Roof cladding and replacement of windows and doors.
  • Mechanical and electrical installations.
  • Rigorous testing and commissioning of systems.
  • Brickwork, fencing, and gate installations, among other tasks.

This comprehensive approach ensured that every aspect of the revitalisation was addressed meticulously.

As work progressed, the impact on the local community and the wider Liverpool City Region became evident. The revamped Home Bargains store will not only breathed new life into the previously dilapidated space but also provided essential retail services to the neighbourhood. This, in turn, created job opportunities and contributed to the economic growth of the area.

Our expertise in the retail sector and previous partnerships with Home Bargains played a pivotal role in the success of this project. Our commitment to delivering excellence and ability to meet the specific needs of Home Bargains has been evident throughout the construction process.