Krol Corlett was proud to kick start UKREiiF – UK’s premier real estate and infrastructure experience with our sponsored exclusive dinner at the Malmasion, Leeds. 

The dinner was around essential ‘asks’ for a new government to deliver economic growth with Leaders Mariana Pexton (Leeds City Council), Pam Smith (Newcastle City Council),Neil Rami (West Midlands Growth Company), Tim Johnson (City of Wolverhampton Council), and Stephen Young (Halton Borough Council).

Exclusive Krol Corlett Pre-UKREiiF Conference Dinner

Thank you to our guests who joined and of course organisers Downtown in Business.

UKREiiF 3 day event was action packed with incredible learnings, provoking discussions across the construction landscape but most of all it was all about the people, the conversations and the future collaborations still to come. 

Team Krol Corlett encompassing Daniel Tebay, Simon Krol, Barry Roberts and Michelle Eager couldn’t be in all places, at all times – so to discuss a new project or hear more about our various schemes across Leeds, Yorkshire, Manchester, Preston, Liverpool, Leicster, London and beyond – lets catch up.