In a month filled with compassion and action, Krol Corlett supported three incredible charity events.

First up, our team showed their strength at the London Marathon, raising over £12,200 for NSPCC. A round of applause to Daniel Tebay, Isaac Corlett, Rob Burgwin, Anna, and Jamie for an outstanding performance.


“Thrilled to be able to share this with such a fantastic group of people and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Amazing effort by the Krol Corlett team” – Reflected Daniel Tebay, Director. 

Thanks to the generosity of everyone who donated and kudos for the incredible fundraising efforts of our Eleanor Ramsden & Jody Jacobson – the team raised over £12,300 for NSPCC.

Making a difference continues through the team. Braving the cold on the cobbled streets outside the National Museums, Liverpool, for the third year running, we headline sponsored and participated in the Nugent SleepOut. Collectively the initiative raised over a stagging £15,00 to support efforts against homelessness.


“As a company deeply rooted in the Liverpool community, we are proud to support organisations like Nugent in their efforts to tackle homelessness and provide vital support to those in need. The success of the Sleep Out demonstrates the collective impact that businesses and charities can have when working together towards a common goal”   Simon Krol, Director 

While this is only a glimpse into the reality faced by those experiencing homelessness, it goes to show that when good people unite, great things can happen.

Big apprecaition to our super supply chain, clients, partners, and loved ones who rallied behind us – it means the world and reinforces the importance of standing together to drive positive change in our community.

Finally, congratulations also to our friends at Sutcliffe for throwing one of the best parties in town, whilst raising a staffering £65,000 for Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust and Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Thank you to our amazing guests for joining us to support. It was a night of music, friendship, and generosity, reminding us of the power of community.

Let’s keep spreading positivity and generosity and making a difference where we can.