Northern Care Alliance’s Rochdale Hospital Refurbishment Project

This month we highlight the start of our innovative refurbishment at Rochdale Hospital, spearheaded by Northern Care Alliance (NCA). 

Krol Corlett tendered and won the £1.2 million budget project via Rise Framework.

It’s a 4-month project, in partnership with MDG Architects. 

This is also a valuable opportunity for apprentices, like Joel (see pictured on the site below), to get some much-needed hands-on experience. Part of our ongoing commitment to providing local opportunities. 

Extensive updates & Enhancements include: 
  • Remodeling of suite 1: The project will transform the current suite into a modern space featuring 8 consultant rooms.
  • Extension and internal modifications: construction includes creating nine new treatment rooms, installing new ceilings, walls, floors, doors, and windows.
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades: The project will replace outdated engineering services with new drainage systems, air handling units, and comprehensive mechanical and electrical installation
  • Fitted furniture and finishes: The suite will receive new fitted furniture and high-quality finishes, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality for the patients and staff.
  • Live environment considerations: Given that the hospital will remain operational during the refurbishment, special measures will be taken to ensure the safety of patients and staff, including cornering off work areas and maintaining a mindful approach to minimise disruptions.
  • Roof repairs, sky lights and enhancements.

Caring through nature: Our contribution to Rochdale Infirmary’s garden

 As part of our ongoing efforts to support the community, Krol Corlett have been thrilled to be able to work with NorthCare, the hospital’s official charity to contribute to the upkeep and additions within the communal garden designed for dementia patients, their families, and a designated area for staff wellbeing. Each year, up to 500 patients enjoy this thoughtfully designed garden, featuring plants that enhance sensory experiences. The garden also includes custom flowerbeds and planters at an ideal height for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Plus, the furniture is painted in dementia-friendly colours to make it easier for patients to see and use.

Krol Corlett Healthcare expertise

This refurbishment project at Rochdale Hospital exemplifies our commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure, providing modern, efficient, and comforting spaces for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Our team is dedicated to advancing healthcare facilities offering expertise in constructing and refurbishing hospitals, clinics, and medical centres, ensuring they are not only state-of-the-art but also designed for optimal patient care.